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Russian style


Side lever pull down kitchen mixer


Kitchen faucet / Water purifier faucet



Kind of sanitary ware, porcelain basin for washing face and hand washing in the bathroom. The basin is divided into two types: the upper basin and the undercounter basin. This is not a difference in the basin itself, but in installation.

The basin that protrudes from the countertop is called the overcounter basin, and the basin that is completely recessed below the countertop is called the undermount basin. The installation of the countertop basin is relatively simple, just according to the installation drawing in the countertop predetermined position to open the hole, and then place the basin in the hole, with glass glue to fill the gap, the water on the countertop will not flow down the gap when used, so it is used more in the family. And because the countertop basin can make more changes in shape, there is more room for style selection, and the decoration effect is more ideal.

Size/ 650X500mm

Depth/ 190mm

Surface /Satin /Polish /

Ele-pearl /Dekor /Linen

Thickness/ 0.6~0.8mm





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